IMPROVE –International Movement of  Professional Voluntarism

“Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace”. (Proverbs, 3:17)

IMPROVE is a social and professional voluntary movement which incorporates giving and volunteering by professional people in all fields and occupations. It is based on notions of cultural pluralism, community capacity building, and unconditional offering of humanitarian care – among individuals, states and communities.

The movement is driven by basic principles drawn from Jewish and Israeli ethics and traditions principles of sharing with others, mutual reciprocity, and “Tikkun Olam”, the commitment to transform the world to be a better place for all. The activities of IMPROVE are anchored in the universal values of human love, brotherhood and solidarity, embedded in a deep commitment to friendship and peace between people and nations – “Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace”. (Proverbs, 3:17).

IMPROVE revolves around four core principles, which complement and enhance one another: Voluntarism; Universal human, social and economic rights; Multiculturalism and Humanitarian care. These four morals codify IMPROVE’s deep rotted duty to provide care and support to disadvantaged communities and marginalized people wherever they are.

Mission and Activities

            IMPROVE’s mission is to recruit each year thousands of volunteers from industrialized countries, professionals in their fields from a variety of areas, as well as non-professional and young volunteers. They will work together, in joint action, in dealing with social and community challenges and needs in Israel, overseas and in non-industrialized countries. IMPROVE advances its operations through inter-organizational and inter-sectoral cooperation in four different fields of activity: a. in Israel (The PRO-VOIS program), b. in developed (OECD) countries (a network of IMPROVE centers), c. in developing countries (a network of BRIT centers), d. in weak Jewish communities (The AMIUT program).

We believe that all humans are equal and entitled to and worthy of, living in dignity while striving to fulfill their natural civil, social and cultural rights.

We believe that every human being has the basic right, as well as the duty – to work, willingly and voluntarily, for the well-being of others and for the sustainability of all natural environment.

We believe that by means of reciprocal and joint engagement of Israeli volunteers and volunteers from other nations, we will add an indispensable dimension to the contemporary notion of global “Jewish Peoplehood”.

The IMPROVE movement is based on an extremely experienced platform of Topaz – Enhancing Civil Society and operates by means of its supplementary non-profit organizations: Brit Olam – International Volunteering and Development and Inspiration Arts for Humanity. For close to twenty years these non-profit organizations have designated to under-industrialized countries and to disaster-stricken countries thousands of volunteers, professionals from the health, education, social care and disaster relief, community development, agriculture, arts, management, and other sectors. In addition, to these thousands of volunteers, Topaz mobilizes each year hundreds of volunteers in its various enterprises in Israel.

IMPROVE Objectives

The overall goal of IMPROVE is to develop and operate an Israeli global volunteer movement based on universal humanitarian values ​​and contribute to the accomplishment of the sustainable development goals (SDG’s) approved by the nations of the world. Four essential objectives derive from the overall goal:

To recruit, place and manage professional volunteers in the international arena, by applying a multilateral approach.

To promote and improve the role of Israel in the international arena, and help position the Israeli society as a contributing and dedicated society which aids international development and supports humanitarian projects.

To tighten the sense of Jewish solidarity between the fiaspora and Israel.

To contribute to the development of the society, economy and quality of life in Israel.

IMPROVE Volunteers

The IMPROVE movement recruits, trains and operates a wide range of volunteers from Israel, other nations and Jewish communities in the diaspora and will integrate volunteers from target communities to assignments in under-industrialized countries. All the volunteers of the movement will participate in training and training programs coordinated with the voluntary field of practice.

Volunteering in IMPROVE is spread over four volunteering arenas: Israel, under-industrialized countries,
industrialized countries and Jewish communities. Accordingly, the movement is based on the development of four main tracks: from overseas to Israel track; from Israel to overseas track; the multilateral volunteering track and the Jewish peoplehood track.


Maria Abel

 International Development Director               +972-52-2307605