Israel Global Initiative (IGI)

The IsraelGlobal Initiative (IGI) was launched in 2015 in order toresearch, showcase and advocate for a greater presence and impact of Israeli expertise in the field of international development. Our vision is for Israeli know-how in a range of fields – such as intensive agriculture, emergency medicine, rural development and immigration absorption– to be recognised globally for its value in helping countries to accelerate their development.

The UN General Assembly convened in September 2015 with the participation of more than 150 world leaders. It approved the second phase of the Global Sustainable Development Plan for 2016-2030. The global outline addresses the eradication of poverty and underdevelopment in the world and the guarantee of the social, cultural, economic and civil rights of all. About $5 trillion will be invested in implementing the program’s goals.

For seventy years, Israel has been a unique microcosm for developing and leading technological, scientific, social, economic and human changes.

Advantages of the Israeli capabilities

  • Israel has proven experience in establishing infrastructures for assistance and knowledge transfer in developing countries.
  • Israel has experts who speak many foreign languages ​​thanks to the ingathering of the exiles in Israel.
  • It has proven experience in training programs that support local development programs, and the creative ability to find an immediate response to the problems that arise from the field.
  • Moreover, Israel is an example of a country that has managed to cope with development challenges in a relatively short period of time, in the face of domestic and external problems and difficulties.


The ultimate aim of the Global Israeli Initiative is to identify, analyze and formulate the unique knowledge and experience that Israeli society has accumulated in the fields of development, and to make this knowledge and experience accessible to the citizens of Israel, the Jewish world and all international development factors.

The initiative is a joint creation of – Topaz – Leading Social Innovations – Enhancing Civil Society (a cluster of corporations promoting the infrastructure and initiatives of civil society both in Israel and globaly)Topaz, Brit Olam, Inspiration) and TAG International, an international, British-American development organisation based on Jewish values ​​and the need to help disadvantaged communities in the world.


  • To present to international development organizations, and to global civil society the work of Israel, as well as its deep moral commitment to international development.
  • To promote, expand and deepen Israel’s activities in the international development arena, and to take an active and significant role in confronting the global challenges set by the governments of the world and the United Nations for the years 2016-2030.
  • To harness the Israeli government, the Israeli economy and industry, and Israeli civil society to achieve the goals and objectives of the global development plans.


  • To develop bilateral alliances for achieving the sustainable development goals in which Israeli development capacities are supported and advanced with the development policy of an underindustrialized country (The Alliance of Nations – Brit Amim Initative).
  • To Integrate Israeli and Jewish movements, civil society and professional organizations, in promoting and implementing the I.G.I.

The Israel Global Initiative will be carried out through a set of enterprises, including:

IGI - Know How:

Develop and operate a website that provides a wide range of sources of information and knowledge on international development programs, diverse Israeli knowledge in the fields of agriculture, health, society, education, economic development, etc., with an emphasis on Israeli industries engaged in international development and knowledge technologies and Israeli development. In addition, the MASHAV (Israel's Agency for International Development Cooperation) activities will be presented on the website, along with a wide range of programs in the public sector relevant to industrialized and under-industrialized countries.

IGI - Capacity Building:

Hostingstudy delegations in Israel and the dispatching of expert delegations to under-industrialised countries in a wide range of expertise (agriculture, medicine, development of water and energy sources, community development, urban renewal and more). These programs will be combined with IMPROVE - International Movement of Professional Voluntarism.

IGI - Israel International Development Book (IIDB):

Writing the "International Development Book of Israel". The book will present the innovative and creative work of Israeli society in all its fields of activity and the potential of harnessing Israeli knowledge and experience to the global development agenda.

IGI - Global Capacity Building Centers:

The purpose of the planned centers is to serve as a professional tool for ongoing activities on behalf of disadvantaged communities and providing diverse assistance in the areas of infrastructure, agriculture, health, regional and local development, social entrepreneurship and social businesses and the variety of topics relevant to global goals in sustainable development. Capacity development centers will be established near major cities in under-industrialized countries and will be centers of learning, training, experience, giving and volunteering. The centers will be an inseparable part of the local community and will interact with public, business and community organizations and with the social, cultural and educational institutions of the local community.


Hanit Henn

InternationalDevelopment Director



 InternationalAcademic Coordinator