Dr. Mike Naftali Founder and President

For over 40 years Dr. Mike Naftali has been involved in the management and leadership of civil society organizations, community development and international development, development of programs for at-risk youth, social entrepreneurship and social businesses, and the development of transformative leadership and social change through the arts. Social in general and volunteerism in particular.

Over the years, Dr. Naftali served as the Chairman of the National Council for Volunteering in Israel (AR) (2003-2005), as Chairman and Founder of Topaz – Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation (AR) (2000). (2006-2017) www.topaz.org.il, Chairman and Founder of Brit Olam – Volunteering and International Development (2006-2017) www.britolam.org, Chairman and Founder of Inspiration – Center for Art, Leadership and Social Change (AR) (2011-2017)

www.inspirationarts.org and currently serves as the president of the three non-profit organizations operating in combination and in merger proceedings.

Dr. Naftali was one of the founders of SID (Society for International Development) www.sid-israel.org – Israel Branch (AR) and for five years served as Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Professional Forum for International Development.

Dr. Naftali was a co-founder and co-chair of Natan – the Israeli Coalition for International Humanitarian Aid (www.natan-iha.org), which deals with humanitarian aid in disaster and emergency arenas and currently serves as a member of the organization’s executive committee. In addition, Dr. Naftali took an active part in the establishment and development of many non-profit organizations that promote social issues in Israel Dr. Naftali was the initiator of the Israeli Volunteer Project (2017-2010), who over the years has developed and established himself as the ” In the years 2011-2015. . Dr. Naftali also serves as Chairman of the Academic Forum for Social Entrepreneurship at Tel Aviv University and one of its founders. Dr. Naftali has been an active volunteer (once a week) in the Humane Association since 1980, with the personal escort of a chronic mental patient.

(1984-1944), as well as as Director General of the Enosh Association – the Israeli Society for Mental Health (1980-1983) (as the first professional director)

Dr. Naftali works as an independent consultant on volunteerism, social entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship, promoting growth trends for social organizations, strategic consulting and civil society organizations, and teaches in various academic and training programs, including Tel Aviv University (in the Faculty of Social Sciences and the School of Social Work) As well as teaching abroad – mainly in developing countries and in the Commonwealth of Independent States (including in the framework of the Foreign Ministry and in various international Jewish organizations).

Dr. Naftali has been an amateur cruise for nearly fifty years, and as such he combined his love of sailing with the development of several social projects, including the initiation and establishment of the “Ben Galim” project for the treatment and rehabilitation of illegal youth within the framework of ELEM (2001) ), Activating empowerment programs for adopted youth, promoting programs for the rehabilitation of discharged prisoners through marine activities, intercultural work, including working with Israeli and Palestinian groups (as part of the “Peace Sailors” organization).

In the framework of teaching social entrepreneurship studies, civil society and organizational consulting in the third sector, Dr. Naftali specializes in non-profit management, social entrepreneurship, social planning and strategic planning, community development and community work, welfare organizations, resource development and social entrepreneurship. , Development of partnerships and relations between sectors, development of human capital in non-profit organizations, fostering and empowerment of public administrations; Volunteering and voluntary organizations; Volunteer management, pro-social action and social activism, international development, assistance to excluded populations and refugees, and more.

In the fields of teaching children and youth, Dr. Naftali is engaged in teaching and research on the following topics: approaches to planning youth services at risk, youth policy, innovation and creativity in youth work, entrepreneurship and community initiatives in the field of youth, treatment of adolescents at extreme risk and neglect, Youth and youth at risk, policy and practice in dealing with youth in conflict with the law, intercultural aspects of the work of youth, Youth and more.

Dr. Naftali holds a PhD from the School of Social Work at Tel Aviv University, and has a long list of works on various subjects dealing with youth at risk, volunteering and civil society. Married with four children, and grandfather of three grandchildren. His wife, Dr. Timna Naftali, a gastro-oncology doctor, is engaged as a hobby in a competitive cruise and international sailing.

Shmuel Sorek Chairman and CEO

Shmuel is an experienced mechanical engineer with nearly 40 years of experience in senior management of both companies and organizations, as well as in non-profit organizations and in public activity.

In the past he has worked in the development of weapons and has managed a factory in the military industry. For the past 20 years, he has been involved in the rehabilitation of companies and businesses in the appointment of courts, banks and corporate owners, and in organizational consulting for businesses in crisis, including factories in various industries.

He was elected Chairman of the Engineers and Architects Association in Israel. He served as Chairman of Dorot HaNichiv for Holocaust Survivors in Israel and is currently a member of the Executive Committee and a member of the Executive Committee of the Center of Organizations of Holocaust Survivors.

His regular army service was in the Golani Brigade. In the reserves he served in his last position as a battalion commander until he was discharged from active duty.

Shmuel has extensive experience in operating associations, familiarizing himself with the work of the Knesset and government ministries, local authorities and public and academic institutions

Ronen Keller - Member of the Board of Directors

A senior manager with a multidisciplinary background in management, consulting and operations. Was used both in the military and in the high-tech environment. Serves for more than 35 years in the Israeli navy, including 17 years in regular service and 18 years in reserve service. In his regular service he commanded missile boats and submarines. He was part of the IDF’s command and control system, served as command and leadership workshops and is currently a senior auditor in the IDF’s internal audit team.

In his civilian business, he served in senior management positions at Checkpoint, where he managed the operations, a business unit that sold millions of dollars, and for six years was head of the company’s global human resources department. And was responsible for organizational development, management development, mergers and acquisitions, senior recruitment, and was organizational consultant to the company’s management. Today, Ronen is VP of Human Resources at Outbrain.

Ronen has specialized in organizational consulting and leadership development. He holds a BA in psychology from the Hebrew University, an organizational consultant and a graduate of the program for senior human resources personnel at Stanford University.

Ronen is active in the committees of several social organizations. In his free time Ronen is an amateur commentator.

Maria Radnicki - Member of the Board of Directors

Currently Managing a Center for Youth at risk, In the past she has been consulting non-profit organizations with Community development and PR. Social activist, graduated the “civil society” U.S Embassy program. orked in several local and national election campaigns. She holds a B.A – Communication, Political Science and International Relations and to date a MA student  at Tel Aviv University studying  education policy, specializing in democratic education .Volunteered for years in several projects: “Kav-Lezinuk”; Guiding youth to be tomorrow’s leaders, “Elem” for youth at risk and in distress etc.

Kamal Al-Karnawi - Member of the Board of Directors

Jamal dedicates his life to bettering the educational opportunities available to Bedouin children living in Israel’s Negev region. He is the Founder and Executive Director of A New Dawn in the Negev, an Arab-Jewish community development and coexistence organization based in Rahat, Israel. He holds a BA in Health Systems Management from Ben Gurion University of the Negev, a Master’s Degree in Social Work (MSW) from McGill University, and an MBA in Social Leadership from the Ben Gurion University of the Negev and the Mandel Institute.

Ezri Amram - Member of the Executive Committee

An anthropologist and journalist, married with two children. He is a doctoral student in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. My research focuses on the relations between Jews and Palestinian citizens of the State of Israel in common areas in which food plays a central role. He holds a BA in General History from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a Master’s degree in Conflict Resolution and Mediation from Tel Aviv University, where he served as the Secretary of the Anthropological Society. , And currently serves as a director of Topaz – a hotbed for innovation and social entrepreneurship.

Yehudit Nisse - Member of the Board of Directors

Yehudit Nisa holds a Master’s degree in Islamic Sciences from the University of Albert Ludwig in Freiburg in Germany and the Sorbonne in Paris. Between 1994 and 2010, she worked with the EU Commission on External Relations of the European Union, first as an expert within the system and then as an independent expert, and managed cooperation and development programs with 12 countries of the Mediterranean Basin and the Middle East on cultural, gender and intercultural dialogue. After three years as the director of a cultural and media assistance program within the European Commission, she set up an advisory office on the same issues for international bodies.

Between 2005 and 2009, she served as the president of the foundation Roberto Cimeta, which awards scholarships to artists from Arab countries.

In recent years she has worked mainly on gender equality and social issues in the Middle East, North Africa and India.

Since 2011 she has returned to Israel and works as a tour guide for incoming tourists from Germany, France and Europe, including journalists, European parliamentarians and diplomats. In addition, she is officially employed by the Ministry of Tourism to accompany Ahim and official office guests.


Dina Lotti - Member of the Board of Directors

1963 I immigrated to Israel from France. Instructor in the Bnei Akiva youth movement. Military service as part of the Nachal group, Youth counselor at the Yemin Orde boarding school, Social workers’ institute, 13 years working with girls in distress, Sufiya home, Treatment of disadvantaged girls in Beer Sheva municipality, Community worker in Beer Sheva municipality. Volunteering Regional District Supervisor in Construction and Development Together with international organizations for overseas volunteers! Exchange of professional delegations. Youth delegations and sending Israeli volunteers! 44 years in the Social Welfare and Social Services Ministry Social Activism Treatment of Rights and Concerns for the Vulnerable Groups in Society Social Work as a Way of Life!

Inbar Erez - Member of the Board of Directors

Inbar Erez is a graduate student in industrial design at Bezalel Academy of Art.
She is one of the founders of the social project Miramba, which operates under the organization and works to promote disadvantaged women in Uganda.
Inbar served as a Jewish Agency emissary for Toronto between 2012-2013 and in 2017 she volunteered in the Brit-Tan grant of the Jewish Agency and Brit Olam in Uganda and worked as part of the project to empower women.
She served in her military service first, as a sniper instructor and later as a command and control officer in the regional brigade 769 in the Galilee.

Lir Alter - Member of the Board of Directors

Lir Alter. She holds a BA in political science and communications from Tel Aviv University and a master’s degree in the Rodman Program for Israeli-US Relations and American Jewry.

A business owner for digital marketing and social media.

She is a member of the board of directors of Inspiration and Topaz and an active member of a topaz sails project.
She is very involved in political and social activities in Israel, in international delegations and loves everything related to the sea.

Kings Hecht -