Boris Schindler - Finance and Operations Manager

Boris Shindler is the finance and administration coordinator at Topaz Leading Social Innovation and Brit Olam International Volunteering and Development. Boris is highly involved and committed to public civilian activity and the third sector in Israel.

He is the Co-founder of volunteers based lobby movement advocating the improvement of social rights for self-employees in Israel  (2015). Boris led the Russian Speaking Department for Yesh Atid’s successful 2013 national political campaign. He set at the steering committee for Limmud FSU Israel (2010-2013). Between 2009-2012 Boris worked as the head of content department  in “Nativ” at the Israeli Prime Minister’s office. Boris holds a B.Ed from Seminar Hakibbutzim Education Colleague.

Boris is a Native speaker of Russian and Hebrew and is Fluent in English. He leaves and works in Tel Aviv- Jaffa.

Dr. Jen Glaser - Children study philosophy

Dr. Jennifer Glaser is one of the founders of the Israeli Center for Philosophy in Education – Philosophy for Life, and is an independent educational consultant with a doctorate in philosophy and a teaching certificate, and has served as president of the International Council for the Study of Philosophy with Children (ICPIC).

Karin Ovadia Rap - Radio Focus Project

She immigrated to Israel in 1989 as part of the Habonim Dror movement.

She studied plastic arts in Tel Aviv, animal therapy, personal training at the Kibbutzim College, and training for the Technion at the Technion

Social Entrepreneur – Founder and Director of Radio Focus, the first radio station for prisoners in Israel and founder of Radio Start, a radio station in the Shaar Hanegev Regional High School.

She believes in voice as a means of empowerment.

Yossele Dror - Sails

During the years we were involved in cruising and transporting groups for sea voyages, one sentence came up again: “The sea is my psychologist.”

We discovered that people who sailed with us undergo a significant experience that goes beyond a vacation on water. Some referred to the time spent on the boat as a life-long experience.

It is clear to everyone that, as in many other cases, sea and sailing are not achievable for everyone, and certainly not for those who need them most.

“Sails” is our way of bringing the sea, the sailing and the virtues of the group voyage to those who would not otherwise reach them

Michal Pfeffer - In Between

Group facilitator with a psychodynamic approach, also deals with in-depth studies of consumer behavior for more than a decade. MBA with honors (Hariot-Watt University, Scotland) and LL.B. (Tel Aviv University). She is the author of the two-year program for group facilitation (the School of Social Work, Tel Aviv University), the program for guiding support groups for families in crisis (Machon Machalim, Tel Aviv) and the program for guiding children and youth groups . In the past she also served in various marketing and advertising roles. Above all, a mother in a family is integrated

Nava Gaisenberg - Value for the Road


Eli Sharabani - Value for the Road

Tamar Alkobi - Miramba

Tamar manages the project “Miramba”, a project they established together with Shirley and Inbar with the goal of empowering women from disadvantaged populations in Uganda from the poverty in which they live. In the past, she volunteered with groups of women in Uganda and has since been interested in empowering women and developing in Uganda. She has experience working with young people in Israel, in addition to Jewish youth in the United States and Australia. Tamar will begin to study entrepreneurship and business administration at IDC Herzliya.


Shirley Ortas Spiegel - Miramba

Shirley Ortas-Spiegel, co-founder of the social project Miramba. She currently holds a second year preparatory program in Jerusalem and lives there. In the last decade, she has been teaching and training youth from different populations, professional dance training, a year of service with youth at risk, and a flight simulator in the Israel Air Force, teaching children and youth in poor neighborhoods in Africa. Plans to begin studying social work and business administration at the Hebrew University.

Yossi Pollack

An entrepreneur in the field of technology, and a social and technological escort.

An entrepreneur of Teutza, a project that aims to train and lead organizations for economic independence with tools and knowledge in all areas required to operate a non-profit organization properly.

In addition, he initiated the artists in the park, an initiative that aims to bring an hour of comfort to the elderly and demons in the public garden, through artists and students.

Ma'ayan Knafo - Diract

Member of the Board of Directors of Topaz in the years 2012-2018. Chairman of Topaz in the year 2017-2018. Lecturer in Entrepreneurship, Faculty of Management, Tel Aviv University. Initiator and consultant to start-up companies.

CEO and Founding Partner, Application Development Workshop.

Co-founder and product manager, Saha. Marketing and Business Development Manager, Young Entrepreneurs Israel, JA-YE Young Entrepreneurs Europe.

Director, Central Region, Young Entrepreneurs Israel, JA-YE Young Entrepreneurs Europe, MBA, Specialization in Technology Management, Entrepreneurship and Innovation // Tel Aviv University, BA in Economics and Management // Tel Aviv-Jaffa Academic College

Dr. Shai Pintov - Israeli Medicine on the Equator

Dr. Reut Harel Miron - Medical v Israeli on the equator

Dr. Reut Harel, internist at the Emek Hospital in Afula and mother of two children, is co-director of the “Israeli Medicine on the Equator” project, together with Dr. Shai Pintov. In 2013, together with Topaz, Reut and her husband Eitan, also a physician, led the reopening of the medical project in Uganda, which was closed several years earlier. At the beginning of 2014 Eitan and Reut, together with their eldest son, then a year old, left for a volunteer year in Kibuga, Uganda. As part of the project, the couple worked as individual volunteers in a remote rural district suffering from poverty and a huge shortage of medical services. They helped with the work of the district hospital, established a “mobile clinic” to provide medical services in remote villages, and provided training to the local teams. During and after the volunteering period Reut worked with Brit Olam in order to create continuity for the project. Since her return to Reut, Reut has been coordinating the project voluntarily, together with the Brit Olam team, and is working to develop and implement the project’s activities and objectives.

Ofir Peleg - Israeli Medicine on the Equator

Ofir Peleg is a lawyer specializing in international law and has extensive experience in creating international contacts and in developing associations and organizations. Until recently, he was a senior consultant and manager of a team of consultants at Tarra and engaged in strategic and regulatory development for the managers of associations and organizations. Member of the Board of Directors of the Midburn Association.

During his work with his clients, Ophir developed independent sources of income that generated revenues of hundreds of thousands of shekels a year, including through the export of their services. He previously managed the StandWithUs Fellowship, a leadership program in public diplomacy and worked as an international and regulatory lawyer in the legal department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Gal Sa'ar

Pension insurance agent and risk management by profession and occupation. In the past, he initiated, founded and managed computer and hi-tech companies. For 15 years he has been active in public and social projects. About a decade ago, he was among the members and leaders of the Association for the Change of Government and Government in Israel, founded by the Center for Citizen Empowerment and the late Prof. Gideon Doron.

In recent years he has been active in the Ometz movement, whose goal is to combat the scourge of corruption in Israel, and the Am Merach organization, which developed and implemented methods and techniques to help each person bring happiness and joy into his life.

In his spare time he likes to read history books and biographies and to travel in Israel and abroad.

“Artists in the Park” projects, which Trama entertained the elderly population in Israel, and also serves as the Pedagogical Director of “Teutza”