Links of sites in the field of social entrepreneurship:

IVN is at the forefront of the social business arena (fourth sector) in Israel, nurturing and growing this emerging sector and generating sustainable social impact by providing Israel’s social businesses with knowledge, financing and business world connections.

Esco – Center for Development and Establishment of Social Businesses We have been operating since 2010 with the aim of initiating and establishing social businesses and leading a change in the business and social reality in Israel and around the world.

We are three founding partners. With diverse abilities that complement one another. We live and work our passion every day. We invite entrepreneurs, people and other organizations – to stop separating business from social.


Father Tel Aviv is a common space for work, and a community for entrepreneurs who aspire to change for the better.

The sukkah was born out of a basic need where we saw ourselves working in a pleasant and close environment.
We thought that the right thing to do was to share: a place, with partners from different or similar fields, to share time in common space, share office services, municipal taxes, water, electricity.
In addition, share ideas, share projects and recommend, serve as a marketing platform and become a real network of people, based on values ​​that promote all of us together and individually.
The walls of the sukkah are shared by local artists. And every two months an exhibition is replaced by the Sukkah curator, and thus we are exposed to fascinating visual content and enjoy quality art in the periphery.
We soon realized that our “togetherness” was strength.
Thus the sukkah was born, 170 square meters of central space, open space, private rooms and movement of about 200 people a week.

Our vision is that the cities in the periphery will have a strong socio-economic, vibrant and developing strength, and will be a place where the diverse populations in Israel choose to live. The cities will offer quality of life and good services to the residents – who will themselves be partners in the creation and development of the city.