Videos and links

Links of sites in the field of social entrepreneurship: IVN is at the forefront of the social business arena (fourth sector) in Israel, nurturing and growing this emerging sector and generating sustainable social impact by providing Israel’s social businesses with knowledge, financing and business world connections. Esco – Center for Development and Establishment of Social […]

Information on funds

Achilles’ heel of social entrepreneurship – how do you raise money? What funds can be relevant to my project? When can I apply? what does it involve? All the answers to the questions you had and you did not have anyone to ask … Shares A common database of saplings and shares about funds

Tools for entrepreneurs

Here you can get a variety of tools that can help you in the social-entrepreneurial world.Did you find anything you liked most? Share us! Matan A useful dictionary for presenting social programs from Matan’s website 100 links that entrepreneurs must recognize Tools for entrepreneurs from the StartIsrael website Development of philanthropy A toolbox from the […]


Here you can read a fascinating array of articles on the social-entrepreneurial arena.Did you find anything you liked most? Share us! In Israel 2011 An article about social entrepreneurship from a website of the Yad Hanadiv Foundation

The Academic Forum

The Academic Forum for Social Entrepreneurship ( is an interdisciplinary, up-to-date knowledge center for social entrepreneurship. The guiding principle of the Forum is based on four main principles: 1. Social entrepreneurship is a distinct field based on theories, discourse, the wisdom of action, and the findings of meticulous research. 2. The development and conceptualization of […]