Do not abandon them!

Standing by children in Africa

during the Coronavirus crisis.

In Africa, the virus has spread to dozens of countries within weeks. Governments and health authorities across the continent are striving to limit widespread infections.

Lockdown = no work = starvation

Many families that live hand to mouth, often just a few days away from starvation. Those who could stocked up on supplies, leaving the poorest without essential food items.

In times of crisis, children suffer the most. Many are at risk of losing their lives. We cannot help everyone, but we can save many. These children are facing a desperate situation and are turning to us.

At this time of crisis, we have a unique opportunity to show our humanity. and save the lives of thousands of children who most likely won’t catch the virus but could very well starve.

What we are providing

We are working across Uganda and Kenya, providing funds to families for basic food items, as well as medical supplies to provide essential medical care.

Kampala, Uganda Little Light Child Care Center
Mothers of our children receive mobile phone transfer for essential food purchases

Manyatta slum, Kisumu, Kenya
GOAL Girls Football Project
Providing basic foodstuffs and urgent personal hygiene products to girls from subsistence level families

Korogocho slum, Nairobi Kenya
Hoops for Kids life-skills program
Food distribution through community groups for families in greatest need

Our local volunteers and staff are distributing small food parcels to mothers of the children of Nazareth child care center and women of the women empowerment project – Mirembe

Kiboga, Uganda
Israeli Medicine on the Equator
Supplying food and medical care for the children’s ward at
Kiboga hospital

We continue to provide assistance to hundreds of women, assisting
thousands of children. In this video the mother of children in the
Little Light Child Care Center is expressing her gratitude for helping her
children who are on the verge of starvation.

It only costs $2.50 per day for a child to receive the food
and primary medical care that they need.

We cannot do it without you.
We need your support.

Your donation can help save a vulnerable child!

We would like to express our deep appreciation to all
our supporters – individual donors, charitable foundations,
businesses, and Governmental Organisations.
Together, we have saved many lives.

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