"To give is to receive"

My name is Elina Mwanga and I’ve been volunteering with children in Uganda since 2009.
After 12 years of managing a non-profit organization in Uganda, I founded project One Love with the intention to make a difference in the lives of children and families that through the years have come across my path.
The project is supporting the beneficiaries mainly by providing school scholarships, food donations and urgent medical treatment.

I invite you
to be a part of limitless and color-blind giving.

School Scholarship

30$ a month for a whole future

Each donation of a scholarship is made to a specific child in Uganda that certainly wouldn’t be able to go to school without this donation.

We team each donor to a child and the school fees are paid directly to the school in Uganda on behalf of the child.


Contact me : Elina Mwanga [email protected]