Wherever You May Go

A warm home in real time

More than 7 million refugees escaped from Ukraine, two thirds of them to Poland, most of them women, victims of war violence, and potential victims of abuse. Many women went through tramatic experiences and were taken advantage of while trying to escape, and now they are even more likely to be trafficed and taken advantage of. They require protection, security, and emotional, and mental rehabilitation.

We are there for them

Project SheltHer provides a temporary place for living and support to tens of women, and children refugees. Sometimes families stay in the center for a couple of months until they have can survive on their own. The center helps women refugees through treatment and phyco-trauma, alongside activities to elevate the awareness of how one might take advantage of them. The staff in the center help the refugees find appropriate work, care for their children through educational activities, and to complete their education.

With your help we will be capable of providing a safe place for the women and their children. We will provide trained professionals who will be involved in the communal activities through educational and local welfare programs, together with local and international volunteer organizations. This will aid the refugees in coping with denial and trauma response by being surrounded by a supportive community.

With your help we will take care
For a sheltered home

For the rehabilitation of refugee women
Europe and to prevent their exploitation
And their bondage