Information and application form for volunteering in Topaz

Thank you for expressing your desire and willingness to volunteer in TOPAZ and/or in one of its Initiatives.

1. TOPAZ works to empower and improve the quality of life of vulnerable and needy communities in Israel and

globally, advance local and international social change movements, and develop and promote civil society

infrastructure projects in Israel and worldwide. TOPAZ’s activities are based on hundreds of volunteer from all

walks of life, who lead and carry out, each year, a significant portion of its activities and programs.

2. As part of volunteering in TOPAZ, you are offered a unique volunteering experience that entails both giving and

receiving, in order to adapt your abilities and desires in the best way to the possibilities of volunteering in


3. As part of the integration process at Topaz, the new volunteers are asked to participate in orientation sessions or

a training course, in which they are exposed to the relevant content worlds of local and international

development and assistance areas and to TOPAZ’s activities and initiatives.

4. Upon admission of a new volunteer to TOPAZ, the volunteer will be asked to fulfil a volunteer agreement. If the

volunteer participates in activities abroad, the volunteer will be asked to comply with the association’s overseas

volunteering procedures.

5. TOPAZ’s volunteer programs are based on extensive professional knowledge and experience and are often

conducted in professional partnership with first-rate local partners and organizations. TOPAZ works to provide

its volunteers with interesting and satisfying activity frameworks and supply professional support and guidance

during field activities.

6. Filling in the form does not constitute an obligation on the volunteer or on the part of Topaz to maintain a

voluntary relationship between the parties. Still, it comprises a first step in the process of recruiting the



Topaz Volunteer Management Unit

Confirmation of details:

General Information:

1. Volunteering at Topaz in Israel requires between 2 and 4 hours per week and participation in a monthly

training/enrichment session. For certain positions (especially leadership positions), the scope and nature of volunteering will

be determined jointly with the volunteer.

2. Volunteering abroad is, generally speaking, 30-40 hours per week)

3. Topaz maintains full confidentiality of all personal information provided by volunteer candidates.