Tamil Nadu, India, is crying out for help

In the past few months, the sickness and fatality rates from the Coronavirus in the backpacker haven of Tamil Nadu have skyrocketed: hundreds of thousands have died and the medical staff don’t have the resources to effectively care for the sick.

Israel is known as a committed and caring country, and many of us have wonderful memories of our travels to India.

Following the tsunami disaster of 2005 we sent medical teams to the area to help the local hospitals to save lives.

Now is the time to help them again, by:

Providing medical equipment

Providing personal protective equipment (PPE)

Training and supporting the local medical teams

Feeding hungry children

We are turning to you: travellers, backpackers and those who love the Indian subcontinent. We have been given the opportunity to help and to lend a hand, to the sick, to the medical teams and to the hungry children.

Together we are uniting to save lives.

We thank our volunteers, partners and supporters.



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