The vision of the movement, principles and basic values:

IMPROVE is a social-voluntary movement based on social and cultural pluralism, mutual learning, giving and humanitarian assistance among individuals, states and communities. The movement is motivated by fundamental principles in Jewish and Israeli culture – the principles of giving to others, reciprocity, acceptance of the other and Tikkun Olam – the obligation to help and support disadvantaged communities and groups in the world wherever they are.

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Three core values ​​are embedded in IMPROVE that complement and expand each other:

  • Universal human rights.
  • Humanitarian action.


The "IMPROVE" activity is anchored in the universal values of Jewish culture; Of human love, of brotherhood and solidarity, of recognition of the social and civil rights of human beings wherever they are, and of the deep commitment to friendship and peace between people and peoples – "its ways are pleasant ways and all its paths are peace." (Proverbs 6:18)

IMPROVE views every person as a citizen of the world, who along with his desire to realize and fulfill his personal happiness, is also harnessed and harnessed to the benefit of the other.


The mission of the movement and its activities in the fields of

The mission of the movement is to recruit and operate thousands of volunteers each year, leading their work in a wide range of occupations that will be mobilized from industrialized countries (IMPROVE communities), volunteers from Israel and volunteers from the Diaspora who will work together in coping with social and community challenges and needs in sub-industrialized countries. In addition to the volunteer volunteers, non-specialist volunteers and young volunteers in particular will be launched and deployed to work around unique social and community needs in partner countries.


IMPROVE is based on the development of inter-organizational and inter-sectoral partnerships in its four areas of activity:

  1. In Israel (the PRO-VOIS program)
  2. In developed countries (the IMPROVE network).
  3. In developing countries (BRIT Alliance Network).
  4. In weak Jewish communities (AMIUT).



  • Volunteer in Israel – the PRO-VOIS program


Sending and receiving volunteers from industrialized countries to Israel As part of the PRO-VOIS program, volunteers will become involved in volunteer activities in Israel in the areas of leaders. A key component of the program is the availability of intercultural dialogue and the joint development of values ​​of acceptance, giving and civic responsibility.

  • Volunteer Abroad
  • In developed countries (the IMPROVE network).

Sending volunteers to industrial countries of the industrialized countries – the AMITIM International Volunteer Centers.


  • In developing countries (BRIT Alliance Network).

A joint dispatch of volunteers from Israel and from industrialized countries to the developing world. The program is a "multi-literal" program. BRIT – International Volunteer and Capacity Building Centers.


  • In weak Jewish communities (AMIUT).

Sending volunteers from Israel, from developed and Diaspora countries to weak Jewish communities – AMIUT – Jewish Peoplehood International Volunteering Program. The volunteers will engage in empowerment and assistance to isolated and weak Jewish communities in the Diaspora in the fields of education and Jewish continuity, welfare, education, health, nursing and more.

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